ameonnaHi everyone. This is my first post linked to the social Steemit.
I’ve chosen to link my website to my new Steemit account, to reach a bigger audience, since I’m going to publish part of my works on socials, and Steemit seems to best fit my expectations.
I’m a non native english speaker, so I’m trying to do my best to avoid errors, but please be patient if my english sometimes looks “unusual”.
The main project I’m working on at the moment (non business related project, I mean) is a mixed media novel, that will be developed with photos, videos, drawings and quite a lot ot writing.
It’s called D.O.G. and I’m planning to go online with the first part in the next days.
Keep in touch, if you’d like to read a metaphysical noir about freedom, anarchy and matter VS energy.

Who I am:
Martina Leithe Colorio – Project manager for VFX artist, folklore researcher and amateur writer.
(For art and drawing I’m helped by Notia Nótt, who doesn’t love to say much more about her)

See you soon

More about my projects on

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